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Based on the dream Accomplish each other

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. Newenergy Power and each team member overcome difficulties and move forward together in the path of pursuing the dream. The company provides PBP (Personal Business Plan) for each member, takes the individual’s development in the enterprise as the development of personal business and matches with the enterprise demand to better realize the individual’s value and achieve real cooperation and win-win.  

Just like excellent enterprises, excellent talents are constantly growing and developing; Newenergy is willing to provide better opportunities and larger space to accomplish each other with excellent talents.

Core competency model: integrity, hard working, proactive, customer-focused, result-oriented.

Our talents training system:

●   Expert tutor one-on-one instruction;

●  Clear and personalized career development channel;

●  Technical route: junior engineer - intermediate engineer - senior engineer - technical expert - chief scientist;

●  Management route: engineer - project management - project manager - business director.

Our salary and welfare system:

● Perfect salary structure: basic salary + subsidy + project bonus + annual bonus;

●  Complete welfare system: five social insurances and one housing fund + paid annual vacation + holiday welfare.

Our team atmosphere:

●  Open and lively communication mode;

●  Low energy motivated team atmosphere;

●  Diversified team activities: dinner, table tennis competition, outing, family day.

Application process:

Submitting resume - Screening resume - Written exam - Interview - Issuing offer - Signing a contract - Physical examination - Entry

ADD:2/f, Phase II, Huatian Industrial Park, No. 38, Tuanjie South Road, High-tech Zone, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

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