New ai electric was invited to 2016 new energy automotive industry innovation and development BBS and make speech


On September 25, 2016, Mr. Ni tong, general manager of xi 'an xinai electric technology co., LTD., was invited to participate in "2016 China new energy vehicle industry innovation and development BBS" and delivered a speech titled "development trend of intelligent test of key components of new energy vehicles". And byd, samsung, shaanxi automobile and other industry predecessors on new energy vehicle innovation technology exchange and communication. As an innovative research and development company, xinai electric, relying on its own professional technology and technical research on the industry and national standards, continues to make independent innovation and focuses on the research and development of energy products. It is committed to becoming the world's top supplier of new energy vehicle testing and energy management system. On this BBS, general manager ni tong Shared the new concept of intelligent test technology of power battery, which was well received by the audience. Now I would like to share some excellent speeches with you:

Customers have different charging habits, driving habits and so on in the process of using the whole vehicle products. In fact, there is a large amount of data to be collected during the whole process. If the test and data collection can be done well, forward sharing can help the battery manufacturing enterprises, improve production quality and optimize product performance; For automobile manufacturers and users, automobile factories know how to design and put forward more system requirements for front-end suppliers. For consumers and users of new energy vehicles, they know how to better charge and maintain.

Therefore, we proposed the test solution and data collection, sharing, analysis and mining of the entire industrial chain, and we have started the design of the first stage.

For power battery enterprises, we can provide modular design structure to facilitate the enterprise system integration; It can provide high accuracy, high reliability and high efficiency of non-destructive testing; Automatic and semi-automatic solutions to streamline manpower; And has the perfect fault detection function; In particular, through large amounts of monitoring data in the production process, the data of upstream and downstream production tests are analyzed and mined in combination with large databases, so as to find problems in advance and solve safety risks. A test has a concept of pass or fail, just as a test of zero or one has a result of zero or one. Our concept is based on the dynamic analysis of data, not only the conclusion of 0 or 1, but also the cross-mining of these simulated data, which can find the associated data and trends that have an impact on quality and performance, and we can do some design for these data. What's more important is to get this data, from the front end of the entire industrial chain to the back end, so that people can publicly share and share such data.

The ID and data of each battery pack are permanently bound, from production to service, to be utilized in full pack form. Upstream, the large database can be used to guide the repair quality model. Today, I changed my strategy to see the impact of changes over the next year, two years, and beyond. A company may have its own quality system, but it is far from enough. This is our philosophy, we need to do new and complete data collection and mining.

For oems, we can provide simulation data service support, such as selection, to the actual parameters for the design of fast, don't have the supplier buy batteries, on the road ran for two months and then look at the battery performance compare, can completely in the laboratory full know the battery pack should have the basic power performance, protection performance and cycle performance. For system model test, should not only one of the link quality validation criteria and methods, more should be once upon a time the whole industry chain to the behavior of a system, in addition to the new ai electric testing system, a large number of peers, such as charging pile she always spoke to flexible charging and active protection of cars do contribution, I think this is the whole process of testing. Can help the whole new energy industry reduce risk.

For charging piles, xinai also provides some services, such as providing car simulation devices, which can simulate cars, charging piles' failure detection of BMS, and whether it can still conduct safe and reliable charging. For BMS enterprises, the connection and protection of charging piles can also be simulated. Similarly, for the recycling of the Internet of cars and batteries, there needs to be a whole process and big data testing concept. I hope you can apply this concept to your product design.



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