Much, word | the debut of the new ai CESE2017 industry technology


In October 2017, 11-13, 2017 the second China CESE energy storage technology and application exhibition opens in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. This exhibition by the Chinese chemical and physical power industry association energy storage application branch and China energy storage network jointly undertake, brought together more than 60 enterprises exhibitors, draws more than 5000 viewers for the exhibition, again to be the world's energy storage industry event in China.

The customer is very interested in the products of the new ai


With the support policy for energy storage industry rising, the development of energy storage technology has become the focus of the industry high attention. New ai team focused on energy management of exploration and research and development, has been paying close attention to the development trend of energy storage industry, combined with its own unique technology concept, made its debut exhibition industry, introduced according to various application scenarios of products and professional solution, especially in the field of industrial and commercial storage NEPSI - 30 k stored energy converter, pro lai and well received by many professional customers, on-site customer an endless stream, unusually brilliant.




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