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On August 16, the national energy administration of the printing of the national energy administration of the implementation of electricity trading rules about the research situation of the notice ", notify the pointed out that to accelerate the electric power market construction, strive to solve electric power market transaction in the rules and implementation difficulties and problems that exist in the process, promote the establishment of optimal allocation of resources power market system, in business, the national development and reform commission is to conduct electricity trading rules relevant information research, including:

● Electricity trading rules system basic situation

● Fixed - cycle market trading varieties

● Non - fixed - cycle market trading varieties

● Fixed - cycle market - to - market (inter - provincial) trading varieties

● Irregular periodic market - to - market (inter - provincial) trading varieties

Text caption outline

01. Please introduce the trading varieties (such as special trading, etc.) and corresponding user access requirements in the market for specific user groups. (if not, please fill in no.)

02. Please explain the trading varieties at the given trading price and the corresponding user access conditions. (if not, please fill in no.)

03. Please introduce the situation that the total demand of access users exceeds the pre-transaction scale (that is, the demand of users is obviously greater than the supply). (if not, please fill in no.)

04. Please give an introduction to the situation that power supply is in short supply in the predicted trading cycle, but the overall transaction is still set as oversupply (that is, the ratio of supply and demand in short supply period is still greater than 1). (if not, please fill in no.)

05. Whether the existing trading system and rules support the free participation of all market entities in listing transactions and have the same listing authority (there is no situation that only a certain type of market entities are allowed to list) is explained. (if limited, specify the situation)

06. Please describe the market you are in, and the definition and participation of the total power of users in the market. Please introduce your reason for exiting the market.

07. After the pricing of transmission and distribution is verified, is the pricing of transmission and distribution implemented in the transaction process? If not, please specify the specific reasons.

08. Is there any temporary rule change after the transaction? Please specify the reason and frequency, as well as the temporary modification of the rule decision procedure and authorization subject? Please specify the originator and procedure for the change of trading rules in your market?

09. Please explain the reasons for setting up deviation assessment and submit government authorization documents detailing the collection and use of deviation fees. (if not, please fill in no.)

10. How cross-provincial (district) transactions and intra-provincial markets are linked, detailing existing problems and areas for improvement. (including order of intra-market and inter-market transactions, coordination mechanism, etc.)

11. The situation of power generation plan liberalization in the province or region covered by the market, including the type and scale of power units, the proportion of power generation plan in the province and the total social electricity consumption, etc., can the existing trading rules support the power generation plan to continue to be liberalized?

12. Whether there is a plan for the revision and revision of trading rules in the near future, mainly including the content, objectives and organizational units. (if this is not the case, please fill in no, and fill in the trading rule preparation progress and relevant rule update in the spot pilot area)

13. Opinions and Suggestions on the formulation, modification and improvement of electricity trading rules.

14.Introduce experiences and practices in your market.

15. Other matters not covered herein.

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