Distributed energy storage cabinet

Product features

● High energy density, high integration degree and small size can satisfy the distributed energy storage applications.

● It can conveniently meet the customer’s requirements of peak load shifting, dynamic capacity increase, demand management, power supply protection and backup power supply.

● On-grid/off-grid switching module can be equipped with to realize on-grid/off-grid switching within 20ms and guarantee the stable power supply for customers;

● With super load adaptability, off-grid operation can drive motor, air conditioner, water pump, even impact load and half wave loads.

● Multiple periods for charging and discharging can be set; the system automatically run, realizing being unattended;

● It can conveniently form small and medium-sized energy storage system by parallel networking of multiple devices, and there is no limit on the quantity of parallel devices. 

ADD:2/f, Phase II, Huatian Industrial Park, No. 38, Tuanjie South Road, High-tech Zone, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

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