Modular cabinet type energy storage converter - wide voltage version

Product features

● Super-wide range of DC voltage (DC200V ~ 900V), excellent adaptability

● Contains no isolation transformer, AC380V directly on grid, highest efficiency more than 97%.

● The design of multiple modules and multiple branches effectively guarantees revenue of energy storage power station.

● It can realize parallel of more than one hundred sets of multi-module off-grid voltage sources. 

● DC side of the power module can be parallel, the use is flexible.

● It has extremely strong load adaptability, perfectly adapted to each type of load, including half wave load, impact load.

● On-grid/off-grid switching module can be configured to realize on-grid/off-grid switching within 20ms and guarantee the power supply safety of important equipment, such as computers and servers.

ADD:2/f, Phase II, Huatian Industrial Park, No. 38, Tuanjie South Road, High-tech Zone, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

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