XD Group Park Intelligent micro-grid Demonstration Project


Project introduction:
Xd group campus intelligent micro grid demonstration project

Configuration scheme:

The project is XD Group key micro-grid demonstration project, and adopts DC and AC hybrid networking integrating wind, photovoltaic, storage and  charging; the system is equipped with 200kW photovoltaic power generation and 5kW wind power generation.

As an important link, the energy storage part has a configuration of 50kW/50kWh, and adopts lithium iron phosphate battery pack. Being able to work in the on-grid and off-grid states, it has the functions of active power control, reactive power regulation, V/F control, on-grid/off-grid switching, DC side constant voltage and constant power, etc.; it can ensure the stability of micro power grid operation, and realize the scheduled island seamless switching and unscheduled island seamless switching. The energy storage system provided by Newenergy is an important part of the XD micro-grid demonstration project. The in-depth cooperation with XD Group gradually expanded, and now the company has won the bid for the second micro-grid project. 

ADD:2/f, Phase II, Huatian Industrial Park, No. 38, Tuanjie South Road, High-tech Zone, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province

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