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China's energy storage net news:Since 2018, our country energy storage industry development fast lane, not only on the user side, ancillary services, power grid side, renewable energy power grid domain more bit, project rapid deployment, scale repeatedly climb high, and there are more and more companies with equipment vendors or the identity of the developer to join the market competition. In addition, in "531" New Deal "to project development this year after quenching, part of the photovoltaic enterprises is turning to energy storage to find new market opportunities. Suddenly, in a variety of energy storage industry of public opinion seems to be a "coming events cast their shadows before them" streak. However the more market overheating, the more you have to think calmly. Behind the business model, the market mechanism, the energy storage industry safety standards such as sound, can support enough energy storage industry sustainable and healthy development, contribute to energy storage industry in the development of commercial real conditions such as whether to have is the present stage need through the cool thinking problem for the project construction boom.

Building energy storage in full swing It is unclear whether the business model

Since 2018, power grid companies planning to install applications of energy storage strength increasing. On the one hand, in areas such as jiangsu, henan province, Xu Ji group, shandong electrician, comprehensive energy service company, high level group of jiangsu province as an investment company under the national power grid construction, such as the main body, in the land of mass distribution power station construction level MW energy storage power station, alleviate the impact of the peak load of power grid, and explore new energy and smooth FM ancillary services such as application mode. According to CNESA energy storage project database statistics, since 2018 to release the grid side energy storage projects (including planning, construction and operation of) total scale has more than 230 mw. , on the other hand, with its electric car service company, its electric company, is actively create "cloud platform", trying to realize mass access and unified scheduling of distributed storage system.

Whether the grid side projects or user side cloud platform model, notting have is not grid companies in the process of energy storage industry development to the pattern of "a place". In the demonstration project construction in full swing at the same time, however, how to build a sustainable and copy business model, and how to realize the grid side storage project return on investment, cloud platform, how to play value to earn profits, how to avoid the obstacles to a third party to form a new monopoly enterprise participation is the key of the development of can truly about energy storage market. Experience from abroad, in order to avoid monopoly and control of power grid company third party companies involved in the development of the energy storage system capacity market and other services, Massachusetts in the United States are specializing in making relevant policies, clear energy storage system developers have bid market power capacity. In cloud platform, New Hampshire and vermont public utilities commission in formulating rules, also require utility companies allow third-party companies build platform and to provide service, can not form a monopoly.

Players into FM intensified competition in the market risk

From farce to century in shijingshan thermal power plant in 2013 the first successful exploration to establish energy storage combined thermal power units to provide ancillary services, FM energy-storage FM market by technical threshold, cognition and the limitation of factors such as regional FM rules of ancillary services, previously only farce to century and electronic lu two involved in companies and one of the few project has been put into operation. Project about 4 years in the early stages of a return on investment attraction, supplemented by auxiliary service market construction policy releasing, the multiple players into FM auxiliary services in 2018, the project site is not limited to shanxi, but is widely distributed in the stake, hebei, guangdong, shanxi, liaoning, and other areas. According to CNESA energy storage project database statistics, since 2018 FM auxiliary services released energy storage projects (including planning, construction and operation of) total scale has more than 180 mw. Market the competition but also makes the storage project developers in the heart of the bidding project developers and power plant and the proportion of revenue sharing by early 9:1 now reduced to three, and the total net income investment cost recovery after according to the power plant is 70% and 30% of the energy storage project developers share in profits.

Based on regional FM PJM market development experience, FM market capacity is limited, energy storage as a high quality resources, FM its large-scale application inevitably bring market saturation and the prices down. At the end of 2017 in shanxi shanxi electric energy storage can inspect do have FM market service declaration price cut to 5-10 yuan/MW, compared with the previous 15 yuan/MW, has fallen by nearly half. In the jingjintang grid frequency control ancillary services market operation rules in the draft is to declare the price range reduced to 0 to 8 yuan/MW. Prices due to policy changes, combined with the market competition bring into proportion

Demand breakthrough energy storage battery enterprises become the important way

As power battery industry market structure is clear, the CATL and BYD as the first tier is already over half, hammering governors regime situation no longer exists. Passenger car is now the new energy automobile market, the subsidy policies after the transition period, and the energy density of power battery will further enhance the overall performance demands, drive the industry reshuffle. As a result, some had to chase outbreak of new energy vehicles rush into the enterprise in the field of power battery, lithium iron phosphate as the main technical route and the ternary battery performance is difficult to keep up with the pace of industry enterprise, has already begun to face huge backlog of inventory and survival pressure.

Since 2018, more and more battery maker will absorb excess production capacity, to seek survival hope of breakthrough points to the energy storage. Especially as renewable energy grid, the grid side and other large-scale energy storage demonstration project bidding, already has more than ten battery enterprises appear in the tender list. Sales price competition also brings the battery system is reduced, and at the battery lease way, provide battery system at the price of a longer payback period. In the increasingly fierce price competition at the same time, how to promote energy storage battery life, security, and cycle performance of the system, how to avoid the bad money after bad money, is the present stage of enterprises to actively into the battery energy storage business at the same time, the industry need to think seriously about the problem.

System security should not be ignored To speed up the perfect standard

Han Guoquan ronan keating said a month ago resentments of wind energy storage power station fire accident caused a global security concerns for energy storage systems. Fire explosion is one of the biggest energy storage system security risks, in addition, from the high voltage of electric system and the harmful chemicals from the battery systems will cause harm to human body.

In terms of fire explosion, on the one hand, due to the electrical wiring, inverter, battery management system design is not reasonable or malfunction, due to the fault parts bureau minister time reasons such as fever, arc or spark instant heating, cause short circuit in electrical fire; Cell cycle number increase, at any time, on the other hand, overcharge discharge and irreversible side effects such as reasons can cause attenuation, internal resistance increases, the short circuit capacity, abnormal gas, analyse the phenomenon such as lithium, as partial or whole internal temperature rise rapidly, a large number of accumulation in the internal heat, will cause further adverse events leading to thermal runaway battery systems. So the electrical systems and battery systems for energy storage security risks are to blame.

In addition to household energy storage standardized products, container storage products formulate relevant standards, for different application scenarios of energy storage systems, due to its in use environment, structural design, scheduling policy and operation condition are different, so also need to ask for further prevention and control of to safety. Especially for installation in the first-tier cities side energy storage system in the basement of the industrial and commercial users, how to ensure the safety in the area of the crowded conditions and limited space, such as how to carry out fire prevention and control are urgently need to be clearly defined. After Australia's Standards Australia AS5139 demanded in the draft standard lithium-ion battery needs to be installed in an independent space/shell, outdoor battery energy storage system can only be installed in a special area. Although the draft has been controversial, but also illustrates the application of energy storage systems installed within the limited space need more cautious on its safety assessment. Energy storage as an emerging industry, how to clear specification and does not hinder the development of is a need to the industry to discuss the problem.

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