The peak valley gap promotes the development of Middle East energy storage


China's energy storage net news:A few days ago, the national development and reform commission issued "on the opinion of the price mechanism innovation and improvement of promoting green development" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), the "opinions" clearly pointed out that to consummate the peak valley price formation mechanism, increase the intensity of peak valley price implementation, establish peak valley price dynamic adjustment mechanism, expand the peak and trough electricity price spread and the floating range, using the peak valley price difference, marketization of auxiliary services such as compensation mechanism to promote the development of energy storage.

The peak valley gap promotes the development of Middle East energy storage

For a long time, the peak valley price arbitrage is one of the important energy storage industry business model, in terms of energy storage all business model, the peak valley price arbitrage is the most clear, the profit model using one of the most mature model, this model application in China's eastern provinces, including jiangsu try the earliest and largest installed.

In general, 0.7 yuan is a threshold of energy storage peak valley price arbitrage move beyond the threshold, energy storage have profit space. But at present domestic peak valley price can achieve the still small number of provinces.

34 provincial administrative region in the whole country at present, Beijing, guangdong, hainan, hebei, henan, jiangsu, ningxia,

Shaanxi, shanxi, Shanghai and other 16 provinces and cities perform peak valley price policy. Whereas only jiangsu, Beijing peak valley price difference between the two can be more than 0.7 yuan, jiangsu industrial electricity peak valley price the highest, up to 0.89 yuan (35 kv), Beijing industrial and commercial peak valley price the highest, up to 1.14 yuan (1 ~ 10 kv). In addition, Shanghai, guangdong, zhejiang and other places of peak valley price difference is relatively optimistic.

And the "opinions" from national level release will further intensify the peak valley price policy implementation of signal. The relevant person in charge of price department of the national development and reform commission, said on the one hand, let the place combined with their own actual, expanding the scope of the peak valley price policy execution; On the other hand the GuShiDuan permissions and dynamically adjust peak is devolved to local, allowing local widening peak valley price difference. It, for the eastern provinces of stored energy development is undoubtedly a boon.

Xiamen university, China's energy policy institute director boqiang Lin told China electric power news reporter, at present, the overall difference of peak valley price generally low, in the economically developed provinces, high power load, although the current peak valley price difference is considerable, but the difference is not enough, can lead to further multiples. In addition, he believes, should also be popularized to the residential electricity peak valley price policy range, the peak power system cut effect more apparent.

The market mechanism to improve Still need to coordinate the interests of all parties

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's new energy power-generation proportion, calming the new energy power generation output, promote new energy power generation given, ensuring the stability of power grid and reduce the power grid infrastructure investment, energy storage device is more and more be accepted by the industry to support the government's attitude on energy storage industry is also encourages.

But unlike photovoltaic (pv) and the new energy automotive industry support policy, the government's encouragement way of energy storage industry focuses more on the use of market mechanism and price mechanism for incentive, rather than in the form of direct subsidies. Therefore, the perfection of market mechanism and price mechanism, plays an important role in development of energy storage.

For some time, involved in the government policies have a lot of energy storage, such as "about promoting the development of energy storage technology and industry guidance", "we will improve the mechanism of power auxiliary services compensation (market) work plan, etc., these policies necessary to gradually improve the energy storage the commercialisation of market mechanism and price mechanism, but is still far from enough.

The Chinese society for the study of energy storage branch director commissioner Chen hs, said: "the current electricity market hard for energy storage applications to achieve, to quantify the value of energy storage in the market will not achieve the attribute of it as a commodity. Therefore, for most of the energy storage application scenarios, establish the participation of energy storage status is the first step, making reasonable price compensation mechanism is more important." Peak valley price arbitrage model, for example, the current policy of enlarging the peak valley price policy enforcement of energy storage does have a bigger role, but to input energy storage to reduce the capacity of the electricity current policy has not been mentioned.

To this, its Chinese hebei north electric power research institute of new energy research institute, said liu energy storage the perfection of market mechanism and price mechanism, should give full consideration to the interests of all aspects, is a process of coordinating the interests of all parties. Such as peak valley price gap, although that is good for energy storage industry, but harm the interests of power grid enterprises.

In the auxiliary services, the energy storage still less with separate identity participate in ancillary services such as electricity load frequency control, the reason is that independent energy storage power station in ancillary services market has certain harm to the benefit of power plant.

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