Congratulations on the new ai electric "2018 China international light ChuChong conference" two prizes!



From Leader Associates, the host, from east China energy storage Leader alliance (EESA), Asia photovoltaic industry association (APVIA), the global alliance for electrification (ARE), the international association of sustainable development of the clean energy (ICESN), global off-grid power association (GOGLA), and other joint support of the "2018 China international light ChuChong conference" in 2018 was held in Shanghai on July 2-4.

The meeting, the new electric grid system and NEPTUNE series launched MARS and off-grid system energy storage products, with its high energy density, high reliable performance obtained the field experts. Especially in small business SINYBOX series integrated products, with its scattered layout, the design concept of centralized control, system integration is high, and the optimal cost, attracted many customers come to discuss communication.

The booth of the new ai

New ai exhibition, exhibition company product module unit 30 kw and 70 kw of energy storage system, user can through own capacity requirements, any parallel between modules, and has the function of off-grid, away from the grid system flexible switching of different demand patterns, meet different application requirements.


Our products attracted many people to come to consult the discussion.


No. 3 in the evening, the conference in Shanghai sheshan mau royal best choice hotel held the annual awards dinner, warm entertain a guest speaker from home and abroad and corporate representative. Everybody anticipation, I wish the new energy industry vigorous development.


Dinner awards ceremony, the new ai every team brought by "2018 new energy enterprise award" the most potential value and the "2018 annual energy storage industry award for best PCS supplier" two big prizes.

We have the honor of


In recent years, with the support policy for energy storage industry rising, the development of energy storage technology, has become the focus of the industry high attention. New ai electric since its inception, is different from other industry company, the products of the same type has been focused on energy storage PCS system research and development and technical innovation, pay close attention to the development trend of energy storage industry, continuously introduce new technologies, new ideas, we have a number of independent intellectual property rights and proprietary technology, BBS to share and exchange many times to participate in industry. In every time the show can bring innovative technology ideas and products.

Company currently has completed xd group piconets demonstration projects, and several large park energy storage project, applied to different customer needs, provide personalized custom solutions, for energy storage PCS system with complex consistency and reliability of the energy management system, in the process of project implementation, accumulated valuable experience. The company has won tens of millions of investment of the Chinese academy of sciences, and reached a strategic cooperation with them. At the same time, the new ai will begin in a number of well-known domestic and foreign investment institutions to further cooperation. New ai combined with its own unique technology concept, continue to provide the most advanced technology and complete solutions, the most excellent quality and professional service is the management idea, to create the biggest value for customers, is committed to become the world's top energy infrastructure and Internet service providers.

Last:Mr Xi 'an electrical general manager of the new ai ni with invited to China xd & west high intelligent manufacturing peak BBS


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