New ai electric won the sixth China (division) in shaanxi province first innovation competition



The roadshow and defense, new electric respectively from companies and projects, products, technology and energy storage market value, etc., highlight the electrical energy storage solutions and products of the new ai technology. Focus on technical advantages: large scale parallel technology, permitting module in parallel, ensure high reliable operation system; Multiple branching structure design, realized the wind energy, light, electricity integration system; Three level of advanced technology and efficient solution to the energy conversion efficiency, application module more dormant combination way, the number of the deployment of best under different power modules in the running state. By electrical founder of new ai ni with Sir, in the judges put forward about the product technology, business model, the future development and other issues, has made the explanation, the experts present judges gave high recognition and review. The competition let more people know the products of the new ai technology, also let us to technology innovation idea had a deeper understanding, here, thanks to the organizing committee of the contest for the enterprise and create the guest provide communication platform, at the same time also thank you for the judges to our highly recognized, we must not expect "will this of business bigger and stronger", is, new things, new profit, our unique carved out of the youth's mark.

Great defense for 20 minutes

Is the most beautiful gesture in the youth will be stopped

Don't forget to stick to his mind entrepreneurial dream

Self-motivated youth compose the song of struggle

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